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Website Design

Will DESIGN BRAND MARKET set up my domain + hosting?

No. Domain name and hosting services must be purchased by client. DESIGN BRAND MARKET is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site. You may experience downtime when transferring your website. Please allow 24 - 48 hours if you also are changing domains/emails. We recommend GoDaddy.com for domain purchase and hosting services.

Will DESIGN BRAND MARKET prepare my content for me?

No. All content is required by client and must be ­finalized prior to implementation to the website. Please provide all page titles and site content prior to site design.  If content is not ready prior to test site, your project will be delayed. You can download our website checklist here.

Will I need to provide passwords + social media handles?

Yes. Prior to beginning your website design, we will request your hosting/domain information (user I.D./password), domain information and social media handles. Here’s a look at some of the information we ask for.

Is professional website photography necessary?

Working with a professional photographer is usually best for website images. You may also use stock photography. *All stock photos will be purchased by the client.


Logo & Graphic Design

What does the logo design process look like?

We will create three logo variations in black and white—color is a final detail. Each logo will include a unique font, layout and style. You will choose your final logo from the 3 variations provided.

—3 concepts | 2 revisions

What do you need from me?

We appreciate any details from the client—colors, fonts, photos, icons, etc.—that will help in the design process.

If I want to have my logo edited in the future, is that an option? 

Yes. Raw PSD files are available for purchase $150 - $300. These files are needed for copyrights and/or pursuing trademark.

What’s included in the price of logo design?

You will choose your final logo from the 3 concepts [2 revisions included] provided. Upon completion, you will receive JPEG, PNG and vector format [.ai] files for your use.

What programs do you use to design?

We use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for graphic design.

Can I get the final logo design in vector format (a file that ends with .ai or .eps) and in a high quality raster format (a file that ends with .psd) as well as .jpgs and .pngs (files with and without backgrounds) for ease of use?

Included with your logo design are JPEG, PNG and vector format .ai files. High quality raster format files—which are editable design files—are available for purchase starting at $150-$300, which depends on the detail of your design.

Who owns the final design files?

DESIGN BRAND MARKET owns the final design files unless PSD files are purchased ($150-$350) upon completion of the project.

Where can I see a few logos you've created?

Click here to view a portfolio of some of our deigns.



"This husband and wife are the dynamic duo you have been looking for. Easy to work with, efficient and quick! Because there two of them, you get double for your money. The best group of people to TRUST your brand AKA "your baby" with! They truly are an answered prayer to my dream website/brand, and I cannot say THANK YOU enough! DESIGN BRAND MARKET is sure to get the job done."

-L. Whittingham., Fly Girls Unite


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